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The staff at HH General is out of control. Dr. Santoro is being fucked by a patient in an exam room while nurse Dylan Knight watches through a crack in the door, jerking on his huge cock. Dr. Johnny Ryder pushes an unconscious Hans Berlin into the Emergency Room where he catches Dylan in the act; but rather than reprimand him he drops to his knees to swallow the young stud’s dick. Berlin comes to and can’t believe his eyes; his moans attract the attention of Dr. Ryder and Knight who immediately strip the covers off of the confused patient and bring him into their unethical sexual exploits. Ryder and Knight take turns sucking the hunky German’s uncut cock. Unbeknownst to Berlin the twisted staff has inserted a glass tube up his ass which Dylan now shoves in and out of his hole while they suck his dick. All of this is only a warm up for the real treatment: Knight’s giant cock up the patient’s ass. Dylan hops up on the gurney and shoves his long thick dick in Berlin’s hole and pounds him hard. Berlin gets on all fours and flips around, taking Dylan’s cock in his mouth and begs Dr. Ryder to fuck him. Ryder pulls Belrin off the gurney and bends him over so both he and Knight can tag-team Berlin. The hung tops take turns fucking their patient until all three shoot huge loads. Hans must have really good insurance!

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Twink Doctor and Nurse Fuck









William Higgins

Robert Maja came in for a Czech Up with Doctor Ivan Lavrov and Sister Adam Vavra. Ivan and Adam are working in the medical centre as they wait for their patient. Adam goes to the waiting room and brings Robert in. It seems that he has injured his arm, so Ivan examines it carefully and decides to clean it with some spirit. Then he tells Robert that he must undergo a full examination. Robert strips of and puts on a medical gown. He sits on the examination chair and Ivan begins to check him over. Lifting the gown Robert’s chest is checked and then Ivan decides he needs to take his temperature. In his own special way he decides that Robert’s cock will be used to check. He inserts the thermometer and all seems ok. But a further check is needed, this time from his ass. As the doctor inserts the thermometer again Adam is wanking on Robert’s cock, which swells to a very good size. Adam takes advantage of that big hard cock by wrapping his mouth around the head and sucking. As he sucks Ivan kisses over Robert’s body. Then he takes a turn sucking on Ivan’s rock hard cock. Then both Ivan and Adam takes turns sucking, with a finger slipping into Robert’s hot ass as well. Meanwhile Robert gets naked and presents his cock to Robert, which he eagerly takes in his mouth to suck. When Ivan has sucked enough he also gets naked and moves up so that Robert can suck him. Robert now has two cocks which he sucks in turn. Then Adam moves down and slips his massive cock into Robert’s ass, fucking him nice and deep. He really works that hole as Robert wanks himself and continues to suck on Ivan’s cock. Adam then changes place with Ivan and he fucks Robert as well, his big, fat cock stretching that hole. Robert wants a turn at fucking too and he moves so that Ivan can get on the chair and take his cock. As he is fucked he sucks on Adam’s cock. Then when Robert has fucked him for long enough he pulls out and Ivan turns over and wanks himself to a lovely cumshot as a very nice finale.

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